Shuttleworth Edwardian Flying Display

The day started out blustery and sadly for the spectators the wind never really died down and certainly not enough to allow the WWI aircraft to fly. These conditions grounded all of the Shuttleworth WWI and early biplanes and also the replica Fokker Dr.1

Regardless an excellent show was put on by the more robust aircraft.

While all the aircraft displayed were splendid for me the undoubted star of the show was Battle of Britain veteran Hawker Hurricane Mk I R4118. The aircraft was displayed with exceptional skill and to great effect as evidenced, I think, by my photographs. Not to be outdone a splendid display was also put on by Shuttleworth’s own Hawker Sea Hurricane 1B.

As ever the Shuttleworth put on an excellent show that could not fail to delight both the casual visitor and the hardened enthusiast.


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