Severn Valley Railway 2014 Spring Gala

It’s nearly 3 years since I visited the Severn Valley Railway‘s 2014 Spring Steam Gala. A recent review of the pictures I took back then reminded me of just how good the event was and so persuaded me to share them on Trains, Tanks and Trains.

The Locomotives
Locomotives running in the Gala had a distinctive Western Railway flavour, both GWR and BR:

  • 0-4-2T 14xx Class  No. 1450 (with auto trailer)
  • 0-6-0PT 15xx Class No. 1501
  • 0-6-0PT 16xx Class No. 1638
  • 0-6-0PT 64xx Class No. 6435
  • 2-6-2T 4500 Class (Small Prairie) No. 4566
  • GWR 2-8-0 28xx Class No. 2857
  • Hall 4-6-0 No. 4936 Kinlet Hall
  • Manor 4-6-0 No. 7812 Erlestoke Manor
  • Manor 4-6-0 No. 7828 Odney Manor

The Locations
The locations are listed North to South and are all based around the stations, they are therefore all easy to find and  for that reason I have not troubled to add my usual grid references.  For those with serious photographic intent and wanting to wander further afield I would recommend taking along a copy of Ordnance Survey map 139 Kidderminster & Wyre Forest.

  • Location 1 – Bridgnorth Station
  • Location 2 – Hampton Loade
  • Location 3 – Highley Engine House (viewing platform)
  • Location 4 – Highley Engine House (line side)
  • Location 5 – Highley (station)
  • Location 6 – Bewdley

The Pictures
As usual captions are minimal featuring the locomotive class, running number, and name where applicable, and the location number.

The Timetable

SVR Timetable

Along the Line
There is much impressive architecture along the line, the most picturesque being Hampton Loade station. These pictures give just a taste of what can be seen.

The Autotrain
A firm favourite of mine has always been the Autotrain, especially when it features the diminutive 0-4-2T 14xx. At the gala we were treated to No. 1450 running with both an autocoach and a GWR Siphon B wagon. I make no apology for the number of photographs I took of this combination!

And Finally….
I don’t get to the Severn Valley Railway anywhere near as often as I should, in fact 2014 was my last trip. In reviewing  my photographs for this page I am left with asking myself why it is that I visit so infrequently, especially when I consider that it is about the same distance away as my beloved WSR and Swanage railways.. and serves a splendid ale in the buffet cars…..


…..and so one of my 2018 new years resolutions is “Visit the SVR in 2018”. With luck I’ll make the Spring Gala to be held 16th – 18th March.

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