Shuttleworth Fly Navy Flying Display

Al 12Last year’s “Fly Navy” was a splendid airshow, so when Shuttleworth announced a show for 2017 attendance was a ‘must’. The weather started off dry with sunny intervals, but sadly this deteriorated to overcast leaden skies by the time the flying display was underway. Aircraft scheduled for the flying display were no less impressive than the 2016 show, although sadly the Sea Vixen could not attend. This was due to the ‘Vixen’ having suffered hydraulic failure the previous week necessitating a successful landing with the undercarriage retracted. Fingers crossed that she is repaired soon.

The show was very well attended with the car parks looking very full. despite this there was still plenty of room for all to move around and to settle down to watch the flying with a picnic.

So on to the stars of the show, both flying and static…

The Aircraft Gallery
As usual captions are minimal naming the aircraft and giving it’s registration. If you believe I have any of this information wrong please do feel free to contact me with details.¬†The pictures are presented in random order.

I make no apology for the number of Sea Hurricane shots, it’s such a fine aircraft and very photogenic.

The Re-enactors Gallery
Not to be outdone by the flying stars of the show, were the re-enactors and vehicles.



And Finally….

Al 5

We left the show just about 5pm as the first light drops of rain started to fall. This did mean that we missed the show finale of a Balbo flypast, despite that we had a great time watching some excellent, unique aircraft expertly displayed.

Finally my thanks go to my chum Tony for taking the very flattering picture of me (see above) and for all at Shuttelworth for a splendid day out.

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