Temple At War 2017

Temple at War started 3 years ago and I have been fortunate enough to attend every year. While not as large as some shows it is perhaps best characterised by the quality of the re-enactors and the vehicles that attend.

Describing the 2016 show I would say that it was great, describing the 2017 show I have to dip into my bucket of superlatives and say that it was most excellent. The main difference between the two shows being the improvement in the ‘battle ground’ with this years ground being a trifle larger, unencumbered with view blocking obstacles (trees!) and having a longer crowd line.


Were I to have the privilege of selecting  a best of show for 2017 it would be the two gentlemen representing the early 1940s British Tommy  (see above).  They were hugely knowledgeable about their kit and period and interestingly each wore an early form of gas detector on the arm.

The Living History Camps
The photographs are arranged in chronological order starting with c1879 and ending in the 1970s. Captions are fairly minimal starting with an indication of the period. It follows of course that all these pictures are of living history actors.


The Battle
The event guide rather nicely sets the scene for the battle re-enactment….

Battle Intro

…as the guide says “What happened next?” well see below…


Souvenir Programme


And Finally….


Fred: “Well Bert, that’s the end of another splendid Temple At War”

Bert: “Certainly is Fred and that’s no error”

Fred: “So wot yer gonna do now then?”

Bert: “Back to the loft to wait for the next message I suppose”

Fred: “I think I’ll join you  Fred but not before…”

Bert and Fred: “We book our tickets for next year’s show! 12th and 13th May 2018 – SEE YOU THERE FOLKS!”

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