Military & Flying Machines 2017

So there we were at last…. Chigborough Lakes, Maldon the new venue for the Military & Flying Machines show. Having spent a number of years at Damyns Hall, Upminster  the question on everybody’s lips was “What’s it going to be like at this new venue?”  First impressions after entering the show ground were good as we were presented  with a lake at the heart of the site  with a Spitfire and Hurricane on the far side, while to the left  and right of us stretched displays of military vehicles and re-enactor camps. I decided on the spot that this was going to be good and as the day went on this proved to be correct…

Around the Camps
As usual an excellent and varied mix of vehicles and camps were on show.

German Self-propelled Guns
For me,  and I suspect many others,  the stars of the show were the 2 German self-propelled guns from WW2, the StuG III and Marder III. Both vehicles have been lovingly restored to an authentic and operational condition and seeing them in action was real treat!

The Lone Rat
New to the re-enactor scene and doing his first show was Richard Pinches – The Lone Rat. Representing a British soldier fighting in the Western Desert in 1941-43, Richard had a fine display of equipment supported by an excellent grasp of the history, technology and tactics employed at the time.

Like most re-enactors Richard is friendly, sociable and happy to answer questions regarding his period, so if you meet him at a show don’t be shy about having a chat.

WW2 Battle
The battlefield at Military and Flying Machines is perhaps not as large as some similar events, but nonetheless an excellent, full of action display is put on and this year’s show was no different. The British Sherman and Marder III made excellent additions to the general action.

Spearfish Creek
A regular attender at Military & Flying Machines are the folk from Spearfish Creek. Representing the United States Wild West period this year’s show was even better than previous years, introducing  a double theme of bank robbery and post US Civil War carpet bagging.

Battlezone: Operation Desert Storm
Making their first appearance at the Military and Flying Machines show were the folk from Battlezone: Operation Desert Storm. They played out a typical operation that took place in 1990 during the liberation of Kuwait, in particular the scenario shows what might have happened when a UN patrol comes across a village garrisoned by a small Iraqi unit.

Show Guide

And Finally…


Fred: “‘Ere’ Bert, who’s that geezer lurking in the corner behind me?”

Bert: “I dunno’ Fred, just some silly ‘ol basket I think! But there is one thing that I do know…”

Fred: “Wot’s that then Bert?”

Bert: “This ‘ere show is getting sooooo good that there’s too much to see in a day!”

Fred: “So we’re ‘ere for two days then next year?”

Bert “Certainly are Fred an’ that’s no error!”

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After a break of one year this show is back with the new name Echoes of History.  It’s looking to be better than ever and you can read about it on my Echoes of History 2019 Preview Page

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This page is dedicated to TT – RIP my little friend – you are greatly missed.

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