A Military Odyssey – 2018

Introducing such an established event as Military Odyssey is never easy, especially when each year the show seems to be an improvement over the previous year’s show. That’s certainly the case with Military Odyssey 2018 which featured reenactors, battles and demonstrations from many periods of history. Particularly impressive was the World War 2 battle from the Eastern Front featuring a splendidly restored T-34 and replica Katyusha rocket launcher (nicknamed Stalin’s Organ by the German soldiers).

When compiling my photos for these pages the hard part is knowing what to leave out and avoid publishing  too many pictures, thus risk boring my audience. For Military Odyssey 2018 I’ve covered 3 of the arena battles plus a good walk-around of the camp areas. I hope that this makes for an interesting and varied compilation of images, but it’s by no means a comprehensive record of what was on display and I could have included images from:

…and many more. I’ve featured some of the above groups on other pages on this site, so try the links if you’d like to see more, but now let’s look at the images from 2018.

Around the Camp

US Civil War
This tragic period in American history is presented by the Southern Skirmish Association. The significant numbers involved and an informative historical commentary make for a very meaningful and informative re-enactment.

Boer War
Having recently returned from a battlefield tour of the Zulu and Boer Wars I was particularly looking forward to seeing these Victorian soldiers in action and I was certainly not disappointed. Immaculately turned out with professional looking drill the skirmish with the Boers was a splendid spectacle.

Something that is impressive about the reenactment groups is how they stay in their period even when not performing demonstrations in the various arenas. On Sunday morning I came across church parade demonstrating traditional Victorian values including a good rendition of I vow to thee, my country.

Soviet Union Vs Germany – World War 2
It’s quite sometime since I have had the opportunity to view a T-34 / 85 in a battle re-enactment. Go back 10 years and this tank seemed to be around everywhere but now they seem limited to the big shows such as TANKFEST and War & Peace and even then only run as a demonstration vehicle rather than in a ‘battle’.

This re-enactment took the form of a meeting engagement with a replica StuG III and SdKfz 251 half-tracks supporting the German troops, while the Russian troops had a replica armoured car, Katyusha rocket launcher, Gaz jeep,  lend lease truck and White half-track and the T34 / 85. In this particular set piece the outcome was a Russian victory.

And Finally…
So ended Military Odyssey 2018, always a case of rejoicing at having attended such a splendid show but also a trifle sadness as it pretty much marks the end of the living history season for another year.


It was yet another great show so thanks again Military O for a very enjoyable 2 days, but next year it really will be 3 days for Tony and I.

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